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Cassie Nixon

Cassie is a 9 ½ year old Jack Russell belonging to the Nixon family of Macleod.  Cassie was presented at Greensborough in August with inappetence and vomiting.  At the time of the initial consultation, it was noted during the physical examination that Cassie’s abdomen was distended.  After a poor response to antibiotics, a blood profile was taken.  These results showed some abnormalities, so with the owner’s consent, an abdominal ultrasound was ordered.  This showed that Cassie’s gall bladder was fully distended along with a mass near the stomach.

The following day Cassie was to undergo surgery.  This involved a pre-anaesthetic profile to gauge her organ function to tolerate an anaesthetic, medications before the procedure, along with IV fluids. Beginning with a laparotomy to gain access into the abdominal cavity, a cholecystotomy was performed.  This is an incision of the gall bladder where excess bile can be removed.  Upon opening the gall bladder, it was decided the best option was removal due to the shape and turgid feel of the gall bladder.  Upon investigation, a gastric mass was also present and removed. This was all sent to the lab for further investigation.

This is not a common procedure performed, so was of great interest to all staff.  Cassie made an amazing recovery.  Post recovery, that evening she went for a short walk outside. This recovery would be unheard of in human hospitals.  The next day Cassie was eating and urinating well, her incision looked good, with minimal swelling.   The day after, Cassie was discharged from hospital with strict instructions of confinement and medication, which was followed meticulously. We saw her again for suture removal 10 days later and she was enjoying her regained health. We shall still need to monitor Cassie over the next few months, but credit must be given to the Nixon family, as it takes great commitment from the entire family to treat and rehabilitate these patients. Hopefully Cassie has many more years ahead with her devoted family.