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Journey to Weight Loss

Coco & Hugo Zagorski are both middle-aged Cavalier King Charles Spaniels belonging to Julie of Greensborough.  We have been seeing them both for many years and over time there was too much love in their home in the form of treats and good meals.

In April 2019, the family came in for their annual vaccinations to find that their weight had ballooned. This was making them tire easily and with their heart murmurs, which is not unusual for the breed, was increasing their risk of developing heart failure.  It was time to get ‘back on track’ and Julie was determined to make sure they were the happiest and healthiest they could possibly be.

With the support and guidance Dr.Srdan Savic, the family started on a diet regime of Royal Canin Satiety.  The word satiety, refers to a state of fullness, more commonly used as satiated, meaning someone who has eaten enough.

Their food was weighed morning and night with only the occasional liver treat given as a snack.  This was their sole diet, as professional formula foods have everything done for the owner, no need for supplements or extra’s.  Along with their regular walks each morning and their diet food, the Zagorski children have met their target weight.  At their peaks, Coco weighed in at 12.7kg and now in January 2020 weighs 8.8kg, a 30% weight loss & Hugo was 11.2kg, now weighing 8.5kg at a 25% bodyweight loss.

They are both now happy, healthier and more active, with their heart murmurs and joint pain better managed.  They both also had dental procedures recently, which meant a lower anaesthetic risk as they were no longer obese.  At first it was hard for their owners, but once they started seeing the results and had the support of everyone in the home, it became routine.  They are now looking so trim, that they have graduated to a maintenance diet food…Woohoo…  Julie is pleased to say, after committing to their diet, the pair will be around for many more years, to sleep in the window during the day, run at the beach and receive their mandatory cuddles each day.  This commitment and better quality of life was all done by a nurturing owner who invested $1.29 per dog per day.  This is something we can all commit to.

Congratulations Julie and family.