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Lili Barbara

Lili is an 11½ year old, lilac coloured, Oirental.  Over the years her mouth had deteriorated and now there was excess salivation and her teel were causing her discomfort.  It was time to take a more advanced approach.

 To begin the process, Lili had a pre anaesthetic blood profile done. This is a comprehensive blood test that gauges the surgical risk of a patient by evaluating liver and kidney function and rules out dangerous conditions like pancreatitis, diabetes or infections.

With good blood results, Lili was admitted for her dental procedure.  After being intubated and placed on a gaseous anaesthetic, Lili had dental radiographs taken.  To our surprise she had some root resorption and retained roots. Without these digital dental X/Rays we would not have been aware of the extent of the resorption or while removing other teeth how these roots interfered in the gum.

During the procedure Lili had extractions and her teeth scaled which gave her the best breath she has had in years. After a great anaesthetic recovery, Lili went home with a mouth that would be much less painful and she should enjoy her meals a lot more due to lack of pain on chewing. 

We have included the dental imaging of Lili prior to the procedure to show the presence of resorption.  The detail is amazing.

Lili xray