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Mavis Rudnicki

Back in August 2015, we wrote about Mavis, an English Bulldog who whelped with 5 pups then followed up with a caesarean for another 2. Mavis had been a nurturing mother so it was an easy decision to decide to mate Mavis again.

The Rudnicki family kept a close watch on Mavis, now 4 ½ years old, towards the end of her gestation period as they were aware that once an animal has a caesarean it is not worth the risk of mother or pups, to give birth naturally the following time.

Early on Wednesday 28th February, Mavis presented to Greensborough as her rectal temperature had dropped.  This is an indicator that she was preparing for labour.  Mavis was admitted and prepared for an elective caesarean procedure. She was not x/rayed prior to the surgery, as for the size of Mavis it was obvious there were many pups present and if some had of been hiding behind others, they all may not have been clear on x/ray.  Upon opening Mavis, she gave birth to a great litter of healthy pups.  This time, she had 4 males and 2 females.  They varied in colour from fawn to beige to a dark brown.  This will change significantly as they age before finding their new homes.

Mavis seemed to understand what was happening.  While still recovering from the anaesthetic, her pups were placed on her to feed, under supervision, so that they may bond and retain somebody heat.  Within an hour after the procedure, Mavis walked outside to urinate, like nothing had happened.  Two hours after surgery Mavis went home with her new litter ready for some TLC and plenty of high quality food as she is feeding a large litter of large sized pups.  

Mavis is always a delight to work with, she is co-operative, friendly and never perturbed when being examined.  This may be Mavis’s last litter, so will the Rudnicki family keep one of the last offspring?