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Nellie Rudnicki

Way back in July 2013 a beautiful brindle, female, English Mastiff, ball of fun was presented at Greensborough for her standard puppy vaccination.

At this 12 week old vaccination Nellie the Mastiff weighed in at 14.5kg. She was to grow at an amazing rate, but the Rudnicki family are experienced with the correct way to feed and exercise these fast growing breeds.

The family were hoping to breed with Nellie in the future, so desexing/speying her was not an option at the normal age of 6 months. During the next few years we have seen Nellie for routine conditions. She has formed callus’ on her elbows due to pressure on the joints that sometimes annoy her, and has also had mild skin conditions that required medicating. Other than these minor issues Nellie has been in great health.

Jump forward now to January 2017. At 3 ½ years of age, it is time for Nellie to be speyed. Due to her loving family over indulging her a little, Nellie is weighing in at 82 ½ kg. This was to be a massive job, not only speying her, but just lifting her to the surgery table and recovery. All went very well with the procedure and Nellie recovered to go home the same night.

Two weeks later, her sutures are due to be removed and it is a happy ending. We don’t remember ever doing a spey of this size. To put it into reality, our nurse laid next to Nellie on the floor as a size comparison. Nellie’s size just makes more of her to love by her family. During her treatment Nellie was very laid back and a pleasure to work with.