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Pablo Valvo

The luckiest Pug in the world, or Greensborough, would have to be 11 year Pablo. Back in June, Pablo was attacked by another dog, through the fence of his home and suffered major injuries.

His stressed owner Lyn, rushed him into us for emergency treatment. At this time Pablo was looking quite unstable. He had suffered multiple lacerations and puncture wounds to his neck, face, shoulder and ear. He required an anaesthetic to debride the wounds, and place drainage tubes to deeper puncture areas as well as extensive work around the ear flap and canal. Pablo was sent home with pain relief, antibiotics and most importantly needed lots of TLC from the Valvo family. We could not guarantee the outcome due to the severity of Pablo’s wounds.

On his next revisit Pablo had developed and abscess on his cheek and neck and the skin over the right side of his head had also died due to the loss of blood flow to the tissue caused by the bite wounds. This condition is called ischemic necrosis. With this necrotic skin there is no choice but to remove the infected, dead tissue, this meant another anaesthetic and procedure for Pablo. During this procedure approximately one third of the skin from the right side of Pablo’s head and neck was removed. Due to the infection and size of the wound it was treated as an open wound and not sutured, instead we allowed it to close naturally with the help of dressings and medication.

After many revisits, we are delighted with Pablo’s progress. After looking horrific, the wounds have healed well and Pablo has some spring back in his step. His wound has continued to heal and shrink in size and soon it will be nothing more than a thin scar. Pablo and his family have been a delight to work with and all credit to the care and nurturing they provided him with.

A great outcome for a friendly little pug.