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Patch Tripp

Patch would be the luckiest Guinea Pig about at the moment. Patch and her mate were adopted by the Tripp family of Viewbank from a farm, they are approximately 5 months of age.

After being in her new home for about 3 weeks the Tripp’s noticed that her abdomen was growing, looking misshaped. You guessed it, had Patch been mated?

Guinea Pigs can become sexually mature as early as 4 weeks. Their gestation period is anywhere from 59-73 days with the average litter being 1-4. Guinea Pigs are from the genus – Cavia and their offspring are known as pups. Upon examination, it was assumed that Patch was pregnant. As she was so young, it would be helpful to know how many pups she may be carrying in case she was to go through a difficult birth.

Upon digital X/Ray, 3 pups could be seen, but an accurate birthing date could not be given. A few days later, Patch gave birth to 3 healthy pups and she was so quick and at ease that the family did not even witness the event. Upon birthing it is important that the new mum removes the membrane quickly from the newborn by licking and treats the pup vigorously to encourage circulation.

As the pups mature and Patch is feeding her young, it is important for her to be on a balanced diet. Scurvy is a condition seen in Guinea Pigs due to a Vitamin C deficiency. It is highly recommended to have Guinea Pigs desexed as over 90% of females will at some stage be diagnosed with ovarian cysts.

This is a happy ending for Patch and the Tripp’s and on her X/Ray attached you can see the skeletons of her pups in utero.