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Pitch Wiegand

This would be one of the most loved chickens we have seen recently in the clinic. This is Pitch Wiegand, the adored white speckled chicken owned by a devoted family.

We got to know the Wiegand family exceptionally well in 2007 when their then family dog, Freda had extensive treatment with us over a long period.

Pitch the chicken was attacked by a dog at the end of October. When she was presented at Greensborough she had a large laceration on the caudal, lumbar area and skin torn around the dorsal, pelvic area. The family did not hesitate in saying “save her”. With any of these cases, stress is a large factor in treatment along with infection from bite wounds and giving an anaesthetic to a bird is always a risk.

So, that day Pitch was given an anaesthetic to suture and clean the area. Her feathers were trimmed so that the suture line could remain as clean as possible and be given the opportunity to dry and heal. She tolerated the procedure extremely well and was quickly returned home to convalesce in her familiar environment.

Dr.Savic then saw Pitch for a revisit two weeks later to have her sutures removed. Incredibly she had healed well, had the sutures removed and has gone back to her normal, grazing life. A great result for a devoted family.