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Tarah Stewart

“Tarah” the 10 ½ year old female, Staffordshire terrier would be forgiven for not wanting to come through the doors at our Greensborough Vet Clinic these days.

Tarah, has been a happy, healthy patient at our practice her whole life, but unfortunately for her, her visits have been all too often over the past 18 months.

Since May 2013 Tarah has required six different anaesthetic procedures, and we are amazed that her kinked little tail keeps wagging whenever she comes in to see us.

Her different surgical procedures include; having a large abscess that developed on the side of her face opened and drained, a blocked salivary gland on the same side of her face that required removal, suturing a deep wound to her front leg after jumping through a glass window and having three individual operations to remove cancerous lumps from her skin.

Everyone knows Tarah at our clinic, she is one of the most adorable and calm dogs we have treated, and she bounces back from her operations amazingly well. Let’s hope, for Tarah and her family’s sake, that she won’t need any more surgical procedures in the future, and will only be visiting us for regular scheduled check ups. .