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Nicole Green

Way back in June 1989 a young local girl started working part time at our Rosanna Veterinary Clinic. This is when Nicole Green’s Veterinary Nursing career began.

It wasn’t too long and Nicole started doing hours at Greensborough as well as Rosanna which extended her knowledge within our hospital and she soon completed her Diploma in Veterinary Nursing at the Box Hill TAFE.

After many years of nursing and having a solid background within the practice Nicole took on the responsibilities of Practice Manager. This involves more of an administration role dealing with the daily running of the practice, dealing with creditors, maintaining our computer system, website and other hospital equipment. She deals with promotions, co-ordinates staff presentations and any other general things that need to be attended to but most importantly Nicole is the pay lady.

Outside of our practice Nicole’s major interest is in breeding and showing Alaskan Malamutes. All of the pups get TLC this shows in their temperament as they mature. Nicole also enjoys the working nature of the breed. The working side of the Alaskan Malamute is apparent when the dogs get so excited with the more activity they have.

At home Nicole has two “special” dogs that get to live inside but they are forever bossed around by the three cats that share the same living space. It is still amazing how the 5kg cat can have control of the large Malamute!