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Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is by far our favourite time of year. Whether you celebrate this holiday or another one, the magic that surrounds this time of year is infectious. Strangely enough, it is also our busiest time of year.  Working with animals always keeps you on your toes - you never know what to expect when you press the button to shoot that X-ray of the vomiting Labrador who eats everything without a second thought! 

This is a problem throughout the year with all different breeds, as there seems to be no rhyme or reason to what they will ingest. Christmas tree ornaments, batteries, bows/ribbon on presents, string/cooking twine and tinsel are probably the most commonly ingested items. As you can see from this X-ray this guy swallowed the Christmas decoration without chewing it. 

If you are worried that your pet has ingested something they shouldn’t have, the best thing to do is get them to us ASAP.  If they have swallowed something they shouldn’t have, and you realise within a few hours, they can be made to vomit under supervision. Otherwise, an X-ray can be taken to investigate and only then the safest steps can be taken to remove the offending object/s.

NEVER attempt to make your pet vomit at home! Despite ‘how to’ options on Dr Google, there are too many risks associated with causing pneumonia, salt intoxication or oesophageal damage. Vomiting should always be induced under veterinary supervision.

Best way is to treat your pet like a toddler, keep everything out of reach.