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Stumble the One-Legged Duck

A disabled duck in the UK who was struggling to get by on one leg is now enjoying a much-improved quality of life courtesy of some very kind owners who designed a custom-made wheelchair to help him move around more easily.

Stumble is a 12-year-old, white duck who lost one of his legs in a fishing line accident some years ago.  He now lives at a sanctuary for disabled animals where he has been for 6 years.  He has an endearing, affectionate personality in a little bird’s body.  He likes cuddles, watching TV and listening to the radio.

 As he is getting older, his joints are becoming more arthritic and he was struggling to re-feather, so there were indications that he was not doing very well.  At first the sanctuary had a prosthetic duck leg made.  This had complications with his stump and did not work out.  There had to be another way to get pressure off his legs.  A specially made wheelchair for Stumble was ordered from USA for approximately $600 to give a better quality of life with his mobility aid. 

Happily, Stumble has embraced his new mode of transport with great enthusiasm and he can now venture outside a bit more with help from his human carers.  Now, along with pain management medication, Stumble is being wheeled around outside but as an elderly duck he does not have the “hydraulics” anymore to provide enough power to actually walk by himself. 

The sanctuary team are chuffed with his improved quality of life as he is suspended on the trolley taking the weight off his joints, providing more comfort and support for him.

Anything is possible with caring, innovative people behind you.