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Top 10 Animal Ailments Exacerbated by Obesity

New data reveals that pet obesity is on the rise for the 8th consecutive year.

These expanding waist-lines are causing health repercussions, with nearly 20% of pet insurance claims in 2017 for medical conditions, related to obesity. It is estimated that 60% of cats and 56% of dogs are overweight or obese. We are continuing to see more pets diagnosed with obesity rather than being just overweight.

Clinical obesity results in more secondary conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disease and certain forms of cancer.  Pets with obesity have reduced quality of life and shorter life expectancy. 

To create a clearer picture of how obesity impacts a cat or dogs overall health, a top 10 list of medical conditions related to obesity has been collated.

There are parallels between the 2 lists, although the rankings highlight how severe weight gains affect each species differently.  For example, chronic kidney disease is the second most common obesity related condition amongst cats, yet is 8th on the list for dogs.  For dogs, arthritis and liver disease are among the conditions most exacerbated by added weight.

Obesity can be detrimental to the livelihood of our pets. Regular exercise and a controlled diet can effectively help avoid excess weight gain.