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Unusual Pet Behaviour

Why is my rabbit eating its own faeces?

When it comes to rabbit food, things like lettuce and carrots typically come to mind.  So, you might be confused when you catch your bunny eating its own faeces.  When in fact it’s not…. it’s eating something called ‘cecotropes’.

Cecotropes are soft nutrient rich pellets which are expelled from the rabbit’s bottom and later re-ingested by the rabbit to ensure they get the nutrients they need.  Cecotropes have more protein, less fibre and higher levels of vitamins than the actual hard pellet faeces.

Why is my snake yawning?

Snakes don’t do much. They eat and sleep and blink and sleep some more.  But one weird behaviour you might catch your pet snake doing is yawning.  It is actually preparing itself for a feast.  If their meal is larger than their head, yawning opens their jaw up nice and wide to devour their prey.

Why isn’t my guinea pig blinking?

It’s a survival tactic. Guinea pigs have poor vision which make them easy prey.  Blinking disrupts what vision they do have, increasing their chances of being attacked.  Their life depends on them staying alert at all times, so not blinking is common.

Why does my lizard close its eyes when I pet it?

Unlike most other pets, lizards do not enjoy being touched.  If you try to give your pet lizard a cuddle and they close their eyes, this is not a good sign.  Closed eyes indicate stress or fear.  Immediately return the lizard to their happy place, likely their enclosure.