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Protecting Those We Love

 We protect our cats in many ways.  We feed them, make sure they have a safe home and give them lots of love and affection. 

But are you protecting your cat from parasites that can cause harm and discomfort and also spread disease?  Some of these diseases can be spread to other members of the family, including young children.

Whether your cat thinks they are king or queen of the house or neighbourhood, they are still at risk from harmful parasites.  Cats share the same outdoor environment as dogs and are exposed to the same level of risk.  Parasites can also make their way inside our homes on clothes, shoes, via open windows or doors and on other animals; even indoor cats need protecting. 

Revolution has been used by cat owners for over 20 years, now there is an updated Revolution Plus for cats.  The new formula is still a monthly, topical application but covers a broader range of parasites.  This includes paralysis ticks, 3 stages of the flea lifecycle, lice, ear mites, round, hook and heartworm. 

It is a low volume pipette applicator which minimises the disruption to cats, it is quick drying with no oily residue left on you or the cat, and a bonus of also treating large breed and heavier cats over 7.5kg. 

Revolution Plus protects cats on the inside and outside from harmful parasites, is quick drying and will not rub off.